LinkedIn has published their top 10 best web designers for 2016 and we are proud to say Exler Designs made the cut!

The Best Web Designers in Dallas, Texas 2016

LinkedIn has published their top 10 best web designers for 2016 and we are proud to say Exler Designs made the cut! As many of you know, 2016 was the first year for Exler Designs to show the marketplace what exactly we had to offer. I knew things were going in the right direction and this award truly made all the hard work worthwhile.

With every new customer I earn an opportunity to show the world what I can build. I would like to sincerely thank every customer who worked with me in 2016 because you alone made this possible. Without your trust in my web design services, I would not have had the opportunity to be selected as the best web designer in Dallas, Texas. Thank you for trusting me with your business on the public domain and I am honored to have helped.

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GSuite Special Offer Productivity Tools for Enterprise

GSuite Productivity Tools for the Enterprise

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G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes Gmail for professional email, Drive for online storage, Hangouts for video meetings, Calendar for scheduling and Docs for editing files. I especially like how easy it is to get things done and work with others from anywhere, using any device I choose. I’ve also found G Suite to be highly cost-effective.

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Networking Systems Connecting Customer to Service

Web Services We Configure

A great web design is much more than just a pretty look. We build systems that ultimately let you grow as a business by connecting products and services to customers throughout all major search engines.

Web Systems We Create:

  1. Booking & Event Scheduling
  2. Auction & Bidding Network
  3. User Generated Classifieds
  4. Personal & Business Blogs
  5. Small Business & Professional
  6. ECommerce & Payment Gateways
  7. Staffing Job Boards
  8. Sales Affiliate Networks
  9. Project Bidding Networks
  10. Construction Bidding
  11. Real Estate Listings
  12. Directories
  13. Communities
  14. Forums
  15. Private
  16. Multilingual
  17. Membership
Affiliate Marketing on Exler Designs Services

Custom Affiliate Network

Your Own Custom Affiliate Network

Just a Few Years Ago I Joined North American Power Which Was a Affiliate Marketing Based Renewable Energy Company. I Want to Bring Light on the Effective Sales System They Utilized to Grow Their Company. It Gave Motivated Salesmen the Ability to Sign Up as an Affiliate Where They Could Then Promote Their Unique Referral URL for Commissions on Each Sale They Made. Each Affiliate Would Earn Their Commissions Following Each New Customer Registration. You Will Find Various Business Models Implementing This New Strategy Over the Coming Years Thanks to Technology.

There Are Many Motivated People in This World Looking for Resources to Sell in Hopes of Earning Additional Income. When You Make Your Products and Services Available to Them, You Ultimately Put Yourself in a Position to Grow. Similar to Hiring a Sales Team Only Affiliate Marketing Is Better Simply Because You Don’t Have to Pay Any Salaries.

Tracking & Analytic Services | Exler Designs

Tracking & Analytics

There Are Many Powerful Insights Hidden Data. Exler Designs Monitors and Tracks Your Website’s Overall Performance and Web Traffic Giving Business Owners Critical Information on Different Aspects of Their Website. Track Your Website’s Overall Performance and Dive Into Your Customer’s Perspective.

WordPress CMS Services | Exler Designs

WordPress CMS

WordPress Is Known as a CMS or Content Management System. Having a Content Management System Lets You Organize, Manage, and Interact With Your Website’s Content All From Within a Mobile Friendly Dashboard You Can Easily Manage Without Any Programming Expertise. Ultimately This Puts You in Control and Lets You Manage Many Different Aspects of Your Business’s Content Online. WordPress Even Has a Mobile Application Which You Can Download From Any IPhone or Android Play Store. Post New Information to Your Website And/or Social Media Account(s) on Demand and Directly From Your Mobile Device.

In Other Words, This Option Will Take Your Business to the Next Level. Let’s Get Started, Contact Us Today for a Free Quotation.

eCommerce Web Design Services | Exler Designs

eCommerce Solutions

Exler Designs Creates E Commerce Solutions That Help Small Businesses by Connecting Their Products and Services to Customers Within Local Search Engines. We Create Custom eCommerce & Payment Solutions That Let You Collect, Manage, and Monitor Your Online Income on Demand and Directly From Your Website. With the Stripe API, Your Money Is Deposited Into Your Bank Account No Later Than 2 Business Days After a Purchase Is Made From Your Website. This Puts You in Control and Prevents the Frustration of Having to Wait for a Company to Deposit Your Money Sometimes Taking Weeks to Accomplish.

Do You Have Any Products Ready for the World Wide Web? Lets Work Together!

Search Engine Optimization Services | Exler Designs

Search Engine Optimization

With Almost Every Potential Customer Searching for Information on the Web, It Is Becoming More Important to Make Sure Your Business Name Shows Up First in Local Search Results. We Want to Help Introduce Your Name to Customers Who Are Searching for Products and Services Related to Your Business. Our Mission Is to Help Grow Your Business by Utilizing Local Search Results in a Way That Maximizes Awareness Throughout Any Targeted Region. When Users Search for Anything Vaguely Related to Your Products and Services Online, We Make Sure Your Name Is Found First.

Responsive Web Design | Exler Designs

Responsive Web Design

Whether You Are in a Start Up Company, Small Business, or Simply Have an Idea for the Web, We Want to Help You Create a Responsive, Modern Web Design. What Makes Our Work So Unique Is That We Are Able to Deliver a Completely Responsive Web Design for Companies in All Industries. Our Websites Are Created With Modern Programming Languages Meaning Your Site Will Look Great No Matter Which Device Your Visitors Prefer.

When You Are Ready to Start Your New Website Simply Provide Us With Images, Words, Videos, and Any Other Form of Content You May Have for Your New Website via Email at Doing So Will Allow Me to Place All of Your Ideas Within Your New Website. Give Us a Call and Let’s Work Together on Achieving the Best Possible Website for Your Online Business Storefront!